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Pontoon Repairs at Lake of the Ozarks

We can have your pontoon picked up, inspected, and repaired as quickly as possible to get you back out on the lake in no time.

How the process works:

  1. Contact Augello’s Welding. You can call, text, email or send a customer contact form from this website using the contact form on this page.

  2. Set up a day to either drop off or have your pontoon picked up by Augello’s Welding.

  3. We will visually inspect and pressure test your pontoon and email you a written estimate. If you approve the estimate we will require a 50% deposit, and let you know the exact turn-around time for your repair.

  4. When the deposit is received, we will begin work on your pontoon.

  5. Upon completion, we will email you a final invoice. As soon as that is paid, you can pick up, or have your boat returned to your dock.

Most important criteria to deliver excellence:

  1. To have the boat in my shop.
    • The welding process used for repairing aluminum is extremely sensitive to wind. This makes outdoor repairs very difficult.

    • The welding process used for aluminum requires a high degree of precision. Any movement will cause an inferior result. If the boat is on a dock, it will move with the waves.

    • Very often the location of the repairs are in between pontoons, on the bottom of the pontoons and on the back of the pontoons. While a pontoon is on a boat lift, most of these areas are inaccessible.

    • I have everything I need at my shop to do an excellent job. We often have to form metal into complex shapes in order to perform an excellent repair. This kind of work is just not possible on a dock or in someone’s driveway.

    • Keeping the work in the shop makes us more efficient. We don’t have to spend time traveling, loading and unloading, setting up and breaking down. We never lose days to bad weather. This increase of efficiency means we can focus all of our time completing projects. Therefore we can get more work done. Our projects get completed faster and at less expense. We can keep our turn-around shorter and our costs lower.

    • Quality control. I can personally oversee every project we do because my employees and I are all in the same location. I can look over my employees, answer their questions, solve difficult problems, prevent mistakes before they happen, or at least fix mistakes before the project leaves the shop. If I have crews traveling to homes and marinas I cannot physically check every single project.

    • IF the customer does not have a trailer or cannot get the boat to us for any reason, we can pick up and deliver the boat. Not only repair the damage, but also reinforce the area. We always upgrade the structure of the pontoon.

  2. Preparation. Welding is a bit like painting in the way that a lot of the work is in the preparation. Material must be as clean as possible, and fit perfectly. These sequences must be planned out beforehand. Accessibility must also be optimized.

  3. Proper material selection. There are many different alloys of aluminum. They all have different properties. Some are not weld-able, some form better than others. Proper thickness is critical.

  4. Welding rod selection – same reasons as material selection.

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